Ella forbes-chilibeck

Ella's approach to legal problems focuses on crafting effective, practical and cost-effective solutions for individuals who find themselves subjected to discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or in need of assistance with respect to the commencement or the termination of their employment. She works closely with employees and employers to access and maintain short- and long-term disability benefits, or to structure an accommodation plan to enable their successful return to work following a period of disability leave. Ella is a certified Workplace Investigator and is licensed to practise law in Ontario and Nunavut.

Ella has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court, both the Canada and the Ontario Labour Boards as well as the Canadian and Ontarian Human Rights tribunals and the Public Sector Integrity Commission on behalf of her clients.

 Ella writes and speaks at events nationally and internationally on topics relating to employment law, including accommodation, access to disability benefits, workplace harassment and discrimination. She has been published in a number of academic journals.

Before attending law school, Ella enjoyed a successful career as a behavioural consultant, mediating conflict, developing successful coping skills and effective accommodation strategies to assist young offenders and individuals with mental, physical, and emotional challenges. You can reach Ella at ella@employmentlawottawa.ca

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