The Changing Workplaces Review - An Agenda For Workplace Rights

The Changing Workplaces Review final report, which took two years to complete, has the potential to make sweeping changes to labour and employment legislation in Ontario. The much-anticipated report was released May 23, 2017 with 173 recommendations on how to improve the current workplace law in the province.

Drafted by C. Michael Mitchell and John C. Murray, the Report includes such recommendations as: 

1.  Part-time employees should be paid the same as full-time employees if they do the same work; 

2. employers should no longer have to seek consent from the Ministry of Labour for employees working 48 to 60 hours a week; 

3. employees should get at least three weeks of vacation if they’ve been at the same workplace for five years; and 

4. professions such as architecture, land surveying, legal, dental and medical professionals, domestic workers, as well as hunters and trappers should be able to unionize.

Probably the largest group to benefit if these recommendations were to come into force and effect would be employees, particularly those who are perceived as vulnerable and engaged in precarious employment. 

While it is not known how the government will react to the report and what, if any, recommendations will be adopted.  On May 23, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn issued a statement advising that a formal response from the Ontario government will be issued “within the next week.”