October 4th, 2016 Accommodating Episodic Disabilities

Hosted by Lancaster House, Ella Forbes-Chilibeck will be leading a full day conference alongside Wendy Porch and Craig Stehr entitled Accommodating Episodic Disabilities: A guide to dealing with chronic and reoccurring conditions.

Some of the most prevalent disabilities in Canada, including mental illness, cancer, HIV, and arthritis, can be characterized as episodic disabilities, which are defined as disabilities involving periods of good health alternating with periods of illness or disability. The accommodation of employees with episodic disabilities presents special challenges, such as maintaining contact between employer and employee during prolonged absences and determining when it’s appropriate for an employee to work and when it’s appropriate for an employee to take time off. Attendees at this workshop will learn strategies for accommodating employees with episodic disabilities that comply with the requirements of human rights legislation.